Anti-vibration Mount for Cold Heads

ESO has signed an agreement to license an anti-vibration mount (AVM) for Closed Cycle Cooler Cold Head to our company FRACTAL S.L.N.E.

FRACTAL S.L.N.E. provides products making use of this technology by client request. Images below show (left) the 2 AVMs already manufactured for SCORPIO, new instrument for Gemini, and (right) a 3D model view of the AVMs with the cold heads integrated.

1st generation was based on a damping system, developed by ESO, which was applied to ISAAC and NACO (using the cold head RG 5/80 from Leybold).

2nd generation incorporated improvements to support the new cold head standard (Leybold 10 MD) and to cope with the high stability demanded by the VLTI configuration. AVMs are well functioning in HAWK-I and KMOS.

3rd generation is still based on the Leybold 10 MD and is able to keep the cold heads of CRIRES fully floating between two soft bellows removing vibration coming from the motion of the heavy displacer.

ESO laboratory test campaign measurements