MANATEE: MANAgement Tool for Effective Engineering

  • What does it allow?
    The Project Management Tool (MANATEE) helps to manage the projects that are carried out in an organization providing an overall view of the project and controlling the three projects parameters (scope, schedule and budget).

  • Who is suited for?
    MANATEE is a web tool and is especially suited for those companies that collaborate in a multi-discipline, complex project in a geographically distributed environment. The tool provides controlled access to the information according to the permissions granted to each user.

  • Capabilities
    The capabilities can be summarized as follows:

    • Definition and organization of the projects (WPs, Milestones, Cash Milestones, WBS, etc.).

    • Reporting and visualization tools to follow up the project execution (Gantt chart, resources and budget analysis, etc.).

    • Quality control of the projects (risk, non-conformities and actions management).

    • Human resources administration (Personnel Time Reports, PTRs).

    • System administration of users and their access rights.

    • Backups management.

Available Information

MANATEE Tool Description
MANATEE Tool Brochure
MANATEE Paper (SPIE 2012)


A demo user has been created to allow a little bit of playing with the application and to understand the MANATEE capabilities.

This demo user has access rights to view the Demo project (TST). This demo user has no permissions to modify any of the items (WPs, WBSs, WBS Progress Reports, Milestones, Cash-Milestones, PTRs, Non-conformances, Risks or Actions), only to visualize them.

In the MANATEE-demo tool, the users can not change their properties and the notifications are only send internally (not by e-mail).

The MANATEE User Manual, which can be opened inside the application (on top of the tabs and below the login label) or just clicking in the following link User Manual, will provide a detailed description of the the application functionality and the actions that can be done by each user according to the roles assigned to them.

For any further question, don't hesitate to contact us

  • Click on the link bellow and test MANATEE: